The MILESTONE Compact single board computer is a high-performance 32-bit processor-based solution compatible with the Arduino Uno platform. It is based on a RISC processor based on the ARM Cortex-M3 core.

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The manufacturer of MILESTONE Compact – the INTEK group of companies. It is engaged in the design of high-tech equipment using the latest developments in the field of electronics and technical design.

The rugged design of the MILESTONE Compact makes it suitable for industrial applications. A large number of digital and analog interfaces allows you to connect various sensors and peripheral systems. Digital serial interfaces USB2.0, UART, SPI, CAN, I2C will help to integrate a single-board computer into complex technical systems. Availability of industrial CAN interfaces on board allows the device to be used as a CAN network master to control other devices that support this interface, such as maxon position controllers (EPOS4 family).


RAM 32 кбайт
Flash 128 кбайт
Clock frequency до 80 МГц
Digital inputs-outputs 40 (до 18 ШИМ)
Analogue inputs-outputs 8 входов/ 1 выход
Serial interface USB2.0, 2×UART, 2×SPI, 2×CAN, I2C
Power supply USB

Power supply  input 9VDC (7…12 VDC)

Dimensions 53,3 х 82,5 мм


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