Langyi (China) is one of the leaders in the research, development and production of high-precision actuators and drive systems.

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Langyi has been researching, developing and manufacturing high precision actuators and drive systems for over 10 years.

InnoDrive is Langyi’s official distributor of non-steel core motors, including brushed and brushless DC motors, assemblies with gearboxes and encoders.

Benefits of choosing Langyi drive solutions:

  • Both standard and modified products are available for order;
  • Production and delivery in a short time;
  • Favorable terms of test samples delivery;
  • Possibility to choose a replacement for maxon motor, FAULHABER and other brands.

The company produces a series of brushed and brushless DC motors with high power density from 10 to 46 mm, with unsurpassed speed and torque characteristics. A wide network of product development allows us to provide solutions for a wide variety of needs and tasks.

Langyi high-tech products are widely used in

  • industrial automation,
  • robotics,
  • textile industry,
  • polygraphy,
  • medical equipment,
  • logistics,
  • communications,
  • household appliances
  • automotive industry.

Modern management ensures the stability and efficiency of Langyi production. A strict quality control system guarantees the durability and efficiency of the drive solutions.

In today’s world the opportunity to choose is more important than ever. Conventional products are being replaced by more affordable analogues.

Our experts can help you find a drive solution for your application or find replacements for maxon motor, FAULHABER and other brands.


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