maxon motor ag, Switzerland made a decision to change the Distributor in Russia, Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan. Since 1st of June 2019 all the interests of Swiss group of maxon are represented by Company InnoDrive LLC ( in the mentioned territory. Specialists of InnoDrive company will be glad to answer all the questions concern the technical support, quotations, order placement and others.

The quality of the products, reliability of supply, comfortable work and high level of service for customers in any place of the world were always in the highest priority for maxon motor and will stay the same for future. Russian market has big interest for maxon. Due to the 15 years presence in the market a lot of ambitious projects were realized as well as completely new unique solutions were developed and new approaches in co-operation and collaboration among the market and professional community were founded. The customers value maxon products for the quality and reliability, for the comfort and complete technical documentation. maxon respects that and value each of its customers and try make the co-operation comfortable and efficient for them.

In case of the modern world the development of technologies and changes of the market speed up every day. We see the main recipe for success for our customers as fast access to the newest technologies and ability to get modern components and solutions in the most efficient way. We are sure – technologies matter!


Maxon motor ag is the world leader in the area of development and production for brushed and brushless DC motors and high-precision drives and systems based on them. The production line includes:

  • brushed and brushless DC motors with the diameter from 4 to 90 mm and with the power from 0,3 to 480 Watt
  • brushless flat frameless motors 
  • planetary, spur and special gearheads with the diameter from 4 nj 81 mm and the torque up to 120 Nm
  • absolute and incremental encoders
  • servoamplifiers and controllers with the speed and position control
  • brakes
  • high-tech ceramic components 
  • additional equipment and accessories
  • solutions under the request

The solutions from maxon found the wide range of applications in robotics, medical equipment, aerospace, industrial automaton, measurement and analytical equipment, mobile platforms and transportation systems, automotive, rehabilitation equipment and exoprothesys, tool machines and equipment, microelectronics, optical systems, mechatronics and others. You can find maxon products in space, air, under the water and earth and on the earth – all of that due to the high quality and newest technologies.

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